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Company Overview

Maju Senja Sdn Bhd
A modest beginning;  when we were granted the license by Malaysian Royal Custom  to act as Custom Brokerage in 1989 and has ever since grew from strength to strength to present position.

Locally , with offices in major cities and ports , we are able to cater to your logistics needs and demonstrate real cost savings with unsurpassed quality services.

In Sabah and Sarawak , our fully dedicated Agents will  extend the same commitments to meet your requirements.

Globally as  member of IASA (International Air & Shipping Association) we are connected through out the world, for your benefits ; with the same guaranteed results.

Our Hands Connecting Your Business
Our Core Value
Develop a culture of quality, service excellence, flexibility and cost consciousness
Develop team spirit and multi tasking capabilities within the team
Develop mutual respect and integrity
Develop a culture of caring, determination and delivering in what we undertake to do.

Management Team
Managing Director
Michael Loo Cheng Pin
Global network
Sales Senior Manager
Julie Szeto Kam Foong
Business Development Director
Hairul Yazid Yasin
Oil & Gas and Government Related Business
Senior Manager
Shahrin Sulaiman
Kuala Lumpur
International Airport
Operation Manager
Teoh Kien Kuan

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